Sound Waves DJ Entertainment

Hampton Roads, VA

Meet The Founders!

Jason Marshall

   My name is Jason Marshall, Founder and Disc Jockey of Sound Waves DJ Entertainment.  I was raised in the small town of Carrollton, VA.  Aside from my love for music, I enjoy almost any outdoor activity. I hunt, fish, and even hit the golf links during the summers.

   I attended a small private college in Ashland, VA and began my DJ career playing for small events and private parties. Overtime, my confidence grew and felt it was time to expand my services into the wedding industry. Courtney and I were only dating when I began playing for weddings but we quickly realized the need for a two person team. Our unique dynamic makes us stand out among other DJs because we are able provide coordinating and disc jockey services that work comprehensively together.  This combination has the entertainment perspective in mind throughout your entire event to ensure it grants not only couples, but guests will have a memorable experience.

   I use a database that allows clients to select what songs they would like throughout their event and ultimately customize it to fit their needs. This feature gives clients the opportunity to be as involved in the music selection as they would like. With over six years and approximately 150 weddings experience, I have mastered the ability to play music to cater from ages 8 to 80. This is a crucial skill when hosting weddings because in order to create a fun environment a DJ must know how to cater to the musical needs of the crowd by reading what genres they respond best to! 

   People often underestimate the importance of a DJ at an event.  Essentially, aside from the bride and groom the DJ takes the center stage and can ultimately determine the level of excitement and overall mood of an event.  At the end of an event guests may comment on the food and decorations, but the one thing they will always ask themselves is did they have fun and did we dance? That is where the importance of entertainment comes in to play! When planning an event always remember your end goal is for guests to have a fun and memorable experience. As your DJ it is my promise to provide exactly that and treat your special event as if it were my own.

Courtney Marshall

   My name is Courtney Marshall, founder and Day of Coordinator of Sound Waves DJ Entertainment. I was born and raised in Suffolk, VA and I graduated from a small private school in Isle of Wight County. I recently received my Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at Old Dominion University. Jason and I are two peas in a pod because our hobbies align! I too love almost any outdoor activity and am never too shy to grab a fishing pole or spend the day in woods. I have been told on many occasions I could talk to a wall...and the funny thing is they are right! Working with people and socializing is definitely a big part of my life! 

   From the time I was old enough to walk, I have had a passion for music.  I listen to all genres and have played almost any instrument at least once. In my opinion music and dancing go hand in hand...that being said I LOVE to dance.  Creating this business gave me the ability to combine two of my greatest passions and share them with my clients! 

   In high school I was always the first one on the dance floor and the last one off.  At weddings it is my personal goal to have every guest on the dance floor at least once and by leading group dances and encouraging slow dances for couples I am able to do exactly that! 

    After six years and 150 weddings, I have perfected the structure of timelines to ensure the event runs smoothly, vendors are clear on the order of events, and guests have fun! My background in DJing weddings gives me a very different perspective than most day of coordinators because I incorporate the entertainment aspect into the timeline. This skill is vital when hosting events because each timeline is created around dance sessions and distinct ways to keep guests moving and entertained throughout the event.  

  When you love what you do and find passion in your field it isn't work. I am so blessed to have found a way to share my passion with others and provide exemplary service for one of the most memorable days of their life. 




Meet Our DJ's!

 DJ James Bohannon

   My name is Jim Bohannon and I am from the small town of Smithfield, VA.  I have both a bachelor's degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in teaching from Christopher Newport University.  During the day I am a high school math teacher, but at night you can find me where the game is.  Whether it is the high school basketball game, coaching high school baseball, or throwing the Frisbee with friends and family, I love to be active.

   At events I am very versatile.  With my math background I can handle all of the computer work and wiring required and with my teaching background I am more than comfortable at making that famous grand entry announcement!  You can also catch me on the dance floor, teaching you those famous group dances! (Wobble, Wobble!) My goal during your event is to minimize any and all stress out and to make sure that after all of our planning you can relax and have a great time.